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How about doing team building on the tundra -

wild, arctic land covered in snow as far as the eye can see? No distractions, just you and your team. 

So, you´re ready? 


We will take care of everything for you. We offer transport from the airport in Alta to Kautokeino. We have clothing, snowmobiles, lavvus and cottages for you to sleep in. We also got you covered with delicious, traditional sámi food. Ever tried dried reindeer meat, or bonfire fried fish that you just caught on the ice?

Well, now is the time.


Feel free to contact us on e-mail or by phone if you have any questions.

We organize tailormade trips for your company with a lot of activities like snowmobile driving on the tundra, icefishing, competitions, visiting our reindeer herd and much more.


You´ll get to know the amazing, arctic nature and you will also get to know each other in a whole different way!